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It Takes a Community is about celebrating how all people, regardless of where they are born, contribute to making our communities feel like home. We want to highlight how migrants and fellow community members are working together to make the places where they live and work more productive, innovative, caring, safe and welcoming.

Show your support for the campaign by taking the pledge: Welcoming and inclusive communities for all.

I believe that communities should be welcoming and inclusive for all, and I will take action to support this by:

  1. Speaking up about the positive contributions of migrants and refugees in my community and beyond; and
  2. Engaging with my friends, family and community about the importance of inclusion.

296 people from 86 countries have pledged.

Complete the pledge to support inclusiveness and diversity by leading conversations about the positive impact of migration and showcase what you are doing to create more welcoming communities. 

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The pledge 

I will take action to help make my community a welcoming and inclusive place for all, including migrants and refugees

I pledge to...