Add your voice to the global #ItTakesACommunity movement by pledging to support welcoming and inclusive communities for all, and calling on others to do the same.


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2. Join the conversation online

There are countless ways people can make a positive impact – through we work do, the people we meet, and the ways we volunteer or lend a helping hand. What are some examples of people from different backgrounds coming together in your community? We want to hear your story, and the stories of your friends, neighbours, co-workers and classmates from all around the world.

There are a few different ways you can join the conversation online:

How it works
Post on social media using the #ItTakesACommunity hashtag

Share your own experience or story of how diverse people, including migrants and refugees, are working together to make your community a better place by writing a short post on social media and tagging #ItTakesACommunity.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can also join the conversation online by sharing the stories that are featured on the It Takes a Community website.

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Share a photo or video

A photo can tell a powerful story. Share a photo on social media that helps to show the positive impact of inclusivity for all in your community, neighborhood, school or workplace. Create a short caption to go with it, and be sure to add the #ItTakesACommunity hashtag.

If you’d like to see your photo featured on the It Takes a Community website, you can also share it with the campaign team. Submissions will be moderated and published on the website after a vetting process. Make sure that everyone in the photo has given their permission to be photographed for the campaign and understands that the photo will be shared with a large global audience.

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Write a blog post/article

Try your hand at writing a blog post or article about the different ways you or others are working to create a strong sense of community, to welcome and support newcomers, or to celebrate diversity. Another idea is to write about what positive changes you would like to see and share your ideas about how to make them happen.

You can submit your article to the It Takes a Community website, post it on a social media platform like LinkedIn, or even send it to your local newspaper. Articles submitted to the website should be around 400 – 600 words long and ideally have a photo to go with them.

Share your story now

3. Use the campaign toolkit

Want to get more involved as a champion for inclusion in your community? Whether you are an individual or an organization, you can download the digital campaign toolkit to access a growing library of social media resources that will help you show how migration is a positive force in your community.

By following the guidance in the toolkit, you can start your own movement to raise awareness about the positive effects of migration and the importance of communities working together.

How it works
Download the digital toolkit

The It Takes a Community digital toolkit has all the creative assets you need to take on the role of a campaign leader and start championing inclusion for all. Download it to access a growing library of social media templates and customizable content that will help you lead the #ItTakesACommunity movement in your community.

Download toolkit

Customize the campaign to fit your community

Adapt the campaign for your community by using the story ideas in the guidance document and the digital resources from the toolkit to create your own content about the positive impact of migration.

Share the content on social media

Start sharing campaign content through your own networks and social media accounts to bring a more balanced migration narrative to your community.

Remember to tag #ItTakesACommunity in your posts to connect to the global conversation, and contact the campaign team if you want to see your stories featured on the website.