Introducing It Takes a Community

It Takes a Community is about celebrating how all people, regardless of where they are born, can contribute to making our communities feel like home. We want to highlight how migrants and their fellow community members are working together to make the places where they live and work more productive, innovative, caring, safe and welcoming. By sharing these genuine and positive stories, we can challenge, negative and false information about migration and build more inclusive communities.

Help us show how migration enriches communities by sharing stories of your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers and classmates from around the world who are making your community a better place.



It Takes a Community is a campaign initiated by the GFMD Ad Hoc Working Group on Public Narratives on Migration, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative to promote a balanced and evidence-based public narrative on migration. The working group is co-chaired by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ecuador and the GFMD Mayors Mechanism and brings together national governments, cities, businesses, civil society and international organizations. For the full list of members, please consult the GFMD website.

This campaign has been made possible with the support of:

  • Government of Canada
  • Government of Ecuador
  • International Organization for Migration
  • The Mayors Migration Council
  • The GFMD Mayors Mechanism
  • United Cities and Local Governments through the MC2CM Project


This campaign was also possible thanks to the footage courtesy of Welcoming America, City of Mechelen, Talent Beyond Boundaries and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).